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You send me raw audio, I send you back a podcast episode. In the meantime, I balance the sound, make you sound great, and trim out any extras. In the meantime, you do a million other things with your newfound free time.

Starting at: $50/episode

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You have an amazing new podcast idea, but aren't sure how to get from "idea" to "podcast." I'm your podcasting GPS, breaking it down into something that feels manageable and exciting so you can have the podcast of your dreams.

Starting at $799

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We work closely to make sure that your podcast never feels like a chore and reaches your goals. I support you with guest sourcing and communication, tech help, episode planning, monetization, and more.

Starting at $299/month

Audio Editing

Podcast Launch

Podcast Management

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You've hit a podcast plateau or your show is no longer in alignment with your vision, and the idea of recording makes you want to pull your hair out. We'll take it back to basics to redefine your show into a goal-crushing dreamboat that you can't wait to share with the world.

Starting at $449

Podcast Reset


Hourly Consulting - $59/hr

Need some one on one time to get clear on something in your podcast? Schedule an hour of hands on help here.

Let's Get to Work

Not ready to get started yet?

Let me give you a free Home Recording Studio guide to thank you for your time!

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