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Must-Haves Gifts for the Podcaster on Your List

Do you have a podcaster in your life who needs some new tech this holiday season? Or maybe you've decided that the best gift you could give yourself is to start a podcast in the new year! Either way, if you're struggling to figure out the best gifts to slide under the tree this season let this guide lead the way.

Stock Their Stuffings with Gifts Under $15

Pop Filter

Pop Filter - $9.99

Help your podcaster get the most out of their microphone with a Pop Filter. These fancy little screens cut down on explosive P sounds that can make editing audio a nightmare. These conveniently attach onto any microphone stand and can be used with any microphone.

On Air Door Sign

On Air Door Signs - $9.99

If your podcaster records at home, help them remind other members of the household to keep it down with these signs. A quiet recording space is the best way to make a great sounding podcast, but it can be tough to get everyone in the house on board. These signs serve as a reminder to be mindful when your podcaster has a recording taking place in their home studio space.

Ask me about my podcast sticker

Ask Me About My Podcast Sticker - $1.35+

For the podcaster who tells anyone who asks (and even those who don't!) about their podcasts. Snag this sticker for them to put on their laptop, water bottle, car, or anywhere else where they might inspire someone to ask them about their podcast.

Gifts Under $50

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones - $49

I've been using Audio-Technica headphones for years, and would recommend them to anyone. While I prefer the ATH-M20X (find them later on the list), these headphones will provide your aspiring podcaster with the high quality playback needed to make a great podcast. I'm a champion of Audio-Technica, because in addition to great sound, they're comfortable enough to wear all day.

Desk Boom Stand

Heavy Duty Scissor Arm Desk Boom Stand - $35.99

Get that microphone off their desk (and look super profesh doing it!) with a desk boom stand that's sturdy enough to handle a heavy microphone AND and Isolation Shield (next up on the list) without sagging or shifting. A boom stand reduces sounds from bumping the table or shifting papers, especially when paired with a shock mount.

Isolation Shield

Isolation Shield - $29.99

If your podcaster is recording in a bedroom or home office instead of a soundproofed Nashville studio, grab them an isolation shield to keep their voice sounding clean and pristine, while keeping background noises out.

Podcast T-Shirt

Podcast T-Shirt - $23.34

There's a joke in my family, any time I share a fact or something I've learned, everyone asks, "Is this another podcast thing?" And, to be fair, the answer is usually yes. Most of my stories start with this exact phrase. If this sounds like the podcast enthusiast in your life, snag this shirt for them.

Fifine AM8

Fifine AM8 - $54.99

Okay, so this one isn't technically under $50, but if your trying to set your podcaster up for success on a budget, this is the route I'd go. These microphones are the best I've found at the <$100 price point. Don't waste your time with the ultra-popular Blue Snowball just to save 5 bucks. The Fifine AM8 can grow with your podcaster and help them sound great for years. If I was starting a podcast all over again on a budget this is the microphone that I would choose.

High-Ticket Podcast Gifts

RODE Podmic

RODE Podmic - USB Version $199, XLR Version $98

The Podmic has been my go to microphone for my own podcast. This microphone sounds great, even in an untreated room like a home office. Be aware that the USB version plugs directly into a computer, but the XLR version requires a mixer, or an audio interface, check if your podcaster has that gear (or send along a gift receipt)


SHURE - MV7 $249

This microphone has become something of an industry standard for podcasters and streamers. This mic can act as an XLR or a USB microphone, so you don't have to worry about getting the wrong thing for your podcaster. These microphones are known for having a great broadcast sound that will please the podcaster in your life.


SHURE SM7dB - $499

If you're looking to really wow them this holiday season, the SM7dB is the way to go. This microphone is the newly released upgrade from the crowd-favorite SM7B, and has a built in preamp makes it sound great in any conditions. The SM7dB is a flashy microphone that is worth the hype. Make sure that your podcaster can use an XLR mic, though!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - $129.99

This is an option to take your podcaster into the world of XLR microphones. I love the Scarlett and recommend it to any podcaster ready to evolve. With 2 inputs, your podcaster can record with a cohost no problem.

Podcast Launch

VIP Podcast Launch - $799

Set your podcaster up for success with a personalized launch program with me. Working with me gives your aspiring podcaster all the tools they need to start a podcast that helps them tell their story and feels like magic. Your podcaster will go from Concept to Content and end up with a strong brand identity, a content calendar that keeps their podcaster growing, and more. Book their launch to give them experiences and education instead of more "stuff" this year.

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