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Dealing With Negative Podcast Reviews

Listen to the episode:

You open your computer. You see the number of reviews on your podcast has gone up by 1. Ecstatic, you race to read it... and then.

1 star.

This sucks.

You're crushed. You were so excited to read all about how much someone loves your show, how much of a difference you've made in their life, their business, their morning commute, but instead, now you're questioning everything.

If it hasn't happened to you yet, that's fabulous... but the day is coming. It happens to the best of us. Go check out the reviews for your FAVORITE, smash success podcast and guess what you'll find? One-star reviews galore.

People love to get loud about things that they hate, whether it's a restaurant, clothing, political views, you name it! Podcasts are no different.

But here's the thing. There's actually an upside to this.

Woman reading a podcast review on her phone

Your show is growing!!

Chances are, unless you have crummy friends and family, they're not going to leave you a negative review. After months of wondering if your mom is the only person listening, you have proof that your message is getting out there! Sure, it's not the confirmation you were hoping for, but now you know that you're really doing the darn thing.

So without getting too "toxic positivity," let's lean into that. That one-star sting is actually a sign you're on the move, breaking out of the cozy little bubble of besties and Facebook friends listening, you're growing and finding new ears.

Is it scary.

Absolutely! But his is where the growth happens. This is where you find your true voice and your true audience. And isn't that the adventure you signed up for when you first hit record?

So, stop here and take a big ole breath.




Let it out.

Do it again if you need to.

Don't sit in the gunky feelings that that review stirred up. Let that ish go, but acknowledge that it bites.

Now it's time to get to business. You've got a podcast to make!

Next, there's almost always a nugget of wisdom to be found, even in the harshest of feedback. Is there a tiny bit of truth in that one-star heart-stopper? A hint on how you could tweak your approach, improve your sound quality, or refine your content? Use it. Grow from it. This doesn't mean changing your essence to please everyone (and, ew, no thank you), but just maybe there's some feedback you can use to make your show better.

There are two types of negative reviews: the ones that are just plain nasty, and the ones that offer some type of constructive criticism.

Feel free to let the nasty ones just roll off. But the constructive criticism? Think of that as tough love, and use it to your benefit. Try to think of how the things the review picks apart can become your new focus.

Crummy audio? Let's tweak it.

Chaotic show structure? Spend more time preparing.

Here's where the magic happens. For every listener who didn't vibe with your podcast, there's an entire audience out there that will think you're the bee's knees. Your job? To find them, charm them, and keep them coming back for more. This is your tribe—the listeners who get you, who need your message, and who can't wait for each new episode.

Maybe you're struggling to find the people you WANT to listen. If that's the case, make sure you've listened to this episode about knowing where your target market spends their time. Obviously, you want your show to find its way to the people who are going to love it. So make sure that you know who that is!

Feeling a tad overwhelmed by all of this? Wondering how to sift through the feedback, refine your podcasting prowess, and truly connect with those dream listeners? This is where I come in, your fairy pod-mother, ready to sprinkle some strategic magic on your podcasting journey.

Let's sit down together for a podcast audit—a cozy, constructive chat where we'll align your podcast’s message with the hearts and minds of the audience who will love it most. Think of it as your podcasting glow-up session, tailored just for your message.

Don’t let that one-star review dim your sparkle. Instead, let it fuel your fire. Book a podcast audit with me, and together, we’ll ensure your podcast not only reaches but resonates with your ideal audience. With a bit of strategy and a lot of heart, we’ll transform those potential one-star moments into five-star triumphs.

Your podcast is more than just a show; it’s a message, a movement, and a chance to connect on a profound level with your listeners. It’s your voice, and it deserves to be heard by those who will cherish it most.

Ready to make some podcasting magic together? Let’s do this. Book your podcast audit now, and let’s start this fabulous journey to aligning your message with the audience who’s been searching for you all along. Your podcasting dreams are big, and together, we can make them a stunning reality.

You've got this!


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