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USB Mic Recommendations

The Yeti by Blue is an industry standards and has love and hate. I think that this can be a great mic if the room around it has the appropriate acoustic treatment.

The SHURE MV7 is a top end USB mic. Available in both USB and XLR, it's a suitable little sister to the coveted SM7B.

XLR Mic Recommendations

The RODE Podmic is a dynamic mic that will only set you back around $100. A great option for people looking to enter the world of XLR mics.

At this point, the SHURE SM7B is considered the industry standard. A streaming and podcasting darling for a reason, this mic offers great audio.

If I were starting a podcast today, the SHURE MV7 (XLR version) would be my pick. It's quality is astounding, and it's mid-tier price point makes it more accessible.

Accessory Recommendations

These headphone jack converters are handy to have around as you switch between monitoring and editing.

Most mics will come with a pop filter, but they are an absolute podcasting MUST for me.

No matter what mic you choose, I highly suggest using a windscreen. Again, most mics come with one, so hold off on purchasing. 

The issues that most people have with condenser mics come from their sensitivity. Soundproofing an entire room is often out of reach for the home podcaster. This can be an economical solution. 

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